Suzanne Yoga Sarah Gormley Photography

I'm a certified vinyasa flow yoga teacher, and currently teach at Wellesley College along with private and small group sessions by demand.

In my teaching, I believe strongly in making yoga accessible to everyone. No one is really "good" or "bad" at yoga— it's an individual journey of growth, self-discovery, and compassion, among other good things. At its core, yoga is about the "quieting of the mind."

A particular interest of mine is yoga for body image and disordered eating. Using tools from my own experiences and from Eat Breathe Thrive training, I help students appreciate the function of the body over its form, build self-love while letting go of shame, and focus on listening to the body instead of numbing sensation.

If you want to talk yoga or are interested in my teaching, please reach out! I'm open to non-traditional payment models, such as bartering or exchanging skills (especially massage, machine learning, and cooking).