Below are some of my recent side projects. Currently, I am an undergraduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab in the Macro Connections Group, working on DIVE — a tool to intuitively explore, visualize, analyze, and make stories with data. I previously worked in the Viral Communications Group at the Media Lab, building applications to explore how users interact with visual media.

Know Your Area - Crime prediction with neural networks

Built with Christian Vazquez and Laya Anasu for MAS.S67, using Keras on TensorFlow. Paper; Visualization

Soundhub - An open source music collaboration platform

Built with React, Flux, Node/Express, ES6, SQLite3, Sequelize, Gulp, Mocha. Github

Watch People Watch - Embedding human reaction into browsing and viewing experiences

Built with React, Flux, Node/Express, ES6, Firebase, Webpack. Demoed at MIT Media Lab Spring 2016 Member's Week. Github; Pub

Debt Networks - Visualization of debt between countries

Built with D3.js. Github

OmniBooks - Textbook exchange marketplace for university students

Built with Angular, Firebase, Node/Express. Github

Challenge - Social platform for creating challenges with friends

Built with Angular, Node/Express, bcrypt, Mocha. Github