Getting started with Celery and RabbitMQ

If you have a job that's computationally intensive, it wouldn't be a great idea to keep a user waiting; rather, it's best to do that in the background. Task queues are great tools that allow for async processing, outside of an HTTP request. Since DIVE works with potentially large amounts… Continue reading

Book Roundup, 2016

My Kindle has recently become an extension of my arm. I'm currently on winter holiday in China, which gives me ample opportunity to get lost in a good book— at the moment, it's The Man Who Knew by Sebastian Mallaby, a riveting biography of Alan Greenspan. Seriously, the man… Continue reading

Two poems

My literary society hosts a Fireside Poetry event every semester— like an open mic, but for poetry. I used to never really care much for the form, preferring prose instead, but there's something so beautiful and captivating and sacred about listening to people read poetry aloud. While I still… Continue reading

Irrational boldness

When Maya Shankar was 9, her mother decided to pay a visit to Juilliard. Maya was already a passionate, talented, and hardworking violinist at a young age, so why not go learn from the best? They knew no one at the school, but drove up to New York City anyway.… Continue reading